Fishing Report

July 29, 2015

Weather has been very hot and no wind.  Fish are not very active but some nice boxes are coming in.  Not seeing much bait on the graph or in fish but they are looking healthy and growing bigger so they are eating .  The thermalcline has been at 50-60ft and is that way for miles out in the lake w/o much change and that makes it difficult to find concentrations of fish.  Out in the 4000's the last 3 trips marking so many fish you think the graph is on simulator mode but they are not biting well but produced Coho, Kings, Lakers and Steelhead.  The bank remains mostly a meat rig, copper and diver program for kings and bouncing bottom for trout.  10" Blue/Crush Spin Doctor 140ft back on low wire has been consistent along w/Yellow Sparkle and Pickeled Sunshine fly on a high 150ft back.  300-400ft coppers are doing well w/Kevins Girlfriend and Strongs Green Mile meat rig.  Also very good has been 8-10" Net Minder, Blue Bubble w/Blue Moo and White Dodgers and Pickeled Sunshine Flies, Chrome Green and Mtn Dew NBK Spin Doctorsand Meat rigs, UV Black 8&10in w/UV Black meat rig.  One day along the bank 100-110ft is best then 130-140ft, then 180-250ft is very good, it has been a guessing game.  


No matter what the age Tom Boy Grammy and lil one get in on the fishing.  20+ pounders showing up, Grandma w/a 21lb king.  Good job Happy Fisherman Charters w/23.4lb king biggest weighed in at Capt Chucks so far this yr!!

July 26, 2015

The bank remains tough morning and afternoon.  Biggest key to being successful there is getting the right speed in the current which has been extremely strong.  trout have moved out deeper to 140-150ft.  Meat rigs have been best on divers and coppers out to 450ft.  Blue/Crush, Blue Bubble w/Blue Moo meat rigs have been good, Green NBK, Mtn Dew, Yellow Sparkle, Chrome Killers are going well in Greens w/Green Meat Rigs and UV Gasolines.  Struggled on the bank today so ran out to the 59's and 38 line on a SW troll into the 42's, marked a lot of fish but could not get any thing to move.  Changed the angle to SE and got into a strong Steelhead bite in the 41's and 4000's.  Flat Lines to 200 coppers were all going, 1 rigger bite and no diver bites.  Moonshine RV Agent orange and Steelie Ranger, Yeck fireballs, Jerid and copper Jerids, Orange Beetle in Gold Blank, and Bush Bean.

We managed to stumble into some steelhead and it was neat to see the show that everyone of them put on, not much fight after the air show but worth it to watch the acrobatics.

July 23, 2015

Bank fishing was tough today.  The last 2 days it was good to very good fishing.  One big change as the water warmed up.  Break went from 40ft or less to 60ft the fish are not active, when I was in college we did oxygen studies and my guess the water has low oxygen levels, the fish didn't pull back as hard as they have been.  Trout are still being caught in 110-120fow bouncing bottom with Tin Cans and Spin-n Glos.  My best is a Chrome Mixed Veggie Spin Doctor with a green small Spin-n Glo Dragging bottom.  Kings have gone to a major meat rig bite, Chrome Killer, Kevins Girlfriend and (Old School) Blue bubble w/Blue Moo Strong Meat Rig was good today.  My good ole standby Yellow Sparkle on a high diver w/Pickeled Sunshine back 170ft was our best rod.  High divers 170ft-230ft back, low divers 120-150ft back were going, 300-450ft Blood Run Coppers w/Meat rigs, yet a 100 copper w/Yeck Fireball went a couple times.   Boats pulled off the bank early and started to poke the deeper water producing a few fish.

July 20, 2015

Good numbers of Kings have been showing up and while the water was colder over the weekend some really big steelhead.  Meat rigs and flys behind Spin Doctors and Paddles have been good and today plugs on 200 and 300 coppers were good Double Glow DW Captains Choice and Ace Hi's.  High Divers were working very well 130-170ft back, Kevins Girl Friend w/Green Mile and Mtn Dew or Yellow Sparkle w/ UV Gasoline.  200 coppers w/ Moonshine RV Blue Hulk has been a steady producer and 150 copper w/Steelie Ranger.  Water is warming up along the bank w/ the south winds and is good in the morning and working out to 180-200fow after the morning bite has been good.  Heard of some very good catches out in front of the project but haven't fished there so no real details other than 80-130fow.  Good numbers of trout still being caught 110fow in the 05's and 06's on chrome Spin Doctors and small green Spin Glos

Family survived the big fish and big waves to capture dinner.  Felt bad when the daughter chunked but she stuck it out!!

July 15, 2015

Despite the north blow fishing is good.  Along the edge of the cold water straight out and to the north fishing is steady.  Tournament weekend so info is tight lipped.  Best for us last night were high divers 100-140ft back Yellow Sparkle 8" Spin Doc w/ Pickeled Sunshine Fly and I think it's called a Rainbow Special 8" w/Strong 4th of July Meat Rig.  Riggers 40-60ft down Orange Flounder, Glow Ghost J Plug, sliders with Yeck Copper Jerid and a 11" Paddle Dreamcatcher and Witchdoctor fly.  60ft copper with Yeck Fireballs 300 copper with Kevins Girlfriend.  Spoke to several others that were hitting on low wires back 80-100ft with 10" White Crush w/Pickeled Sunshine Fly, I couldn't get a low diver to go.

July 12, 2015

Fished the bank yesterday afternoon, best fishing was 02.1 to the stick 120fow out to 170fow.  60ft and 100ft Blood Run 32# coppers were getting bit early before boats came out w/ Moonshine RV Agent Orange, and Yeck Fireballs.  After the boats came out bites were deeper 300ft coppers w/Kevin Girlfriend and Green Mile Meatrig, Yellow Sparkle 8" Spin Doc and Pickeled Sunshine fly 120ft back high diver, and 11" Dreamcatcher Paddle and Witch Doctor KRW Fly down 80ft.  Steelhead are starting to mix in the catch off the bank which is a good sign.

Boys had a good afternoon on the RAPTOR.  Really had to beat up on them---big boys reel like lil girls.  They're bass fisherman?????

July 10, 2015

Fishing got tough today, up north.  Lack of wind is causing the  warm water to rise and spread out, the bait is in the pier heads around the lake and fish are scattered.  Fished last night and this morning just off the bank up to the 06's.  There was a pocket of fish off the point 190fow, and 80-100fow.  Best baits were 11" Paddle UV Dreamcatcher w/ KRW Witch Doctor fly 80ft down on a rigger with 75-100ft lead, 8" Yellow Sparkle Spin Doc with Pickeled Sunshine Fly or a Strong Yellow UV Meat Rig on high divers 120-150ft back.  300 coppers with Moonshine mag RV Blue Hulk and a 300 w/ 8" Kevins Girl friend Spinny and Green Mile Meat rig.  Also consistent was a Silver Hammered Cowbell on bottom with a Peanut.  Talked to guys around the lake and it wasn't just Ludington that toughened up the last 2 days, lake wide this was the norm, don't panick after the bait leaves the pier heads the fishing will light up again.

July 6, 2015

South blow today turning north again tonight-----wish the pattern would stabilize!!  Fishing was good yesterday, big king catches, double digit boxes.  Today was tougher, whether fish were not around or not feeding, our fish had no bait in them so they might have been off the bite.  Best was off the bank 140-190fow.  Yesteday White/Crush DW Paddles and pickeled Sunshine Action Flieswere very good 60ft down on 80-100ft leads off of riggers.  Today not a paddle bite for us.  Yellow Sparkle DW Spinny and Pickeled Sunshine Fly 120ft back high diver, Yellow Sparkle and Strong Yellow UV Gasoline Meat Rig 140ft back high diver and a UV w/Yellow Dots and UV Meat rig.  Tin Can and Spin and Glo 150ft down went several times today.  100, 150, 200, and 300 ft coppers were taking bites.  Yeck Copper Jerid, Mag Lemon Ice, Moonshine 1/2 moon Lemon Spots (out of production) and Mag Blue Hulk, Silver Streak Jerry Lee. Good catches of Lake Trout just south of the dumping grounds has been pretty consistent. 


Average catch yesterday and the average catch today, what a difference a day amkes but that is why we fish, to land on a day when we can pound on fish.  Blessed to have a great day aboard the RAPTOR where everyone in the family was able to land and even lose the biggest fish of their lives.

July 5, 2015

Saginaw Bay--Ran my last trip yesterday and now in Ludington full time so reports for Ludington will be on a regular basis.

The Bay has been very good fishing.  The weather stabilized and we had south and west winds and the bite is on.  As the water was clearing up fish were moving south and west towards Linwood better.  Fishing remains good North of 1&2 and off the hump 3-4 miles east of 1&2, just west of Correan Reef.  The Cigar cleared up enough yesterday to get that water fire up and both sides of the channel around 5&6.  80-100 32#Blood Run and the new 20# Blood run Coppers have been on fire, 60ft coppers have been very good and riggers 18-22ft down are doing very well especially with WD Pink Lemonades.  My other baits have been working so well I haven't changed a bait in 2 weeks.  WD Wonderbread with a Black tip,( just use a magic marker), Moonshine JJ Mac, IK Dominator, Wild Perch in reg and RV.  Speed is finally picking up to 2.8-3.0SOG, especially for the bigger fish.  Lotsa fish in the 20+in range!!  Fun having walleye pop a rigger and bury the rod and take line!!


Good groups good fishing, took longer to get to the fishing grounds and back then it took to limit out, and able to take extra fish for the captain pulling rods.

The North East wind that started Thurs afternoon tore the Bay up pretty good.  Not as bad as L. Erie but water is sandy out past 1&2.  By late morning the water especially the west side of the bay was cleaning up well and fish were starting to bite again.  By 12:00pm a great bite straight out of Linwood 1/2mile west of A Buoy in 16ft was very good.  A good bite started just west of 1&2 and out 2 miles.  2.3SOG was best.  DW Wonderbread and Obama in a Clown Suit on 60ft Blood Run Coppers were good.  Moonshine IK Dominator, Wild Perch, JJ Mac in RV and reg have been steady producers, 50, 60 80, and 100ft coppers.  Riggers and divers taking bites on White and Red spoons(don't know the names), DW and Silver Streak spoons.  Water should settle out and the bite should take off again.

Took a few kids fishing and despite adverse fishing conditions we managed to capture a few.

June 25, 2015

Fishing remains good in Saginaw bay.  Not saying it's easy, I can attest to that!!  Today I struggled for 2 hrs until I figured out the speed which for me is way out of my comfort zone, 2.3-2.4 was best 2.5-2.6 was ok, after we dialed in to speed it was game on.  Moonshine Wild Perch and JJ Mac reg and RV were on fire 12 and 16 ft down.  Gale Force spoon Capt. Oscar 10ft down was very good and the only spoon that went at that depth, Purple/Black with Gr Dots and a pink back.  Silver streak Pink Parrot 20ft down on a rigger was good, and Raptor on a diver 35ft back.  Just inside the Cigar, 1/2 mile west of the channel by 5&6 and 4 miles north and NE of 1&2 were good.  F Buoy is holding fish but getting thru the Pike, White Bass and Sheephead to walleye is a challenge, we did 1 short pass w/8 rods and bailed out to 5&6.

A couples first experience out on the Bay, good fishing, great weather but the midge hatch was big. 

June 23, 2015

Fishing should pick up now after yesterdays storm.  The winds have pushed he break in closer, just off the point and off the project along the 4000 line and this should continue to pack in closer as long as the forecast holds true.  fish have been scattered off shore, the bank has held a fair bite first thing in the morning and some good Lake trout fishing has held pretty steady for a couple of weeks now.  As long as we don't get alot of east winds the fishing should remain fairly close without having to run out 20 miles to the break.  Check out the surface map, water is starting to set up nice, some great catches should start to happen now with concentrated water!!

June 21, 2015

Saginaw Bay--Fishing has been steady.  Because of all the easterly winds pods of fish are scattered and when you hit a school they are in small concentrations making it spot on the spot fishing.  it pays to figure out the lay of the school and when you quit hitting fish turn and work back through them.  1-to 1 1/2 mile trolls are normal.  Just like salmon fishing we need westerly winds to move fish closer to Linwood.  Best pockets of fish are 3-4 miles north and north east of 1&2.  West of the channel from 5&6 to 7&8, 18fow from the Pinconning Bar south to Gambles.  15-20ft down on riggers have been good on Pink Parrot and DW Obama in a Clown Suit,  Yeck Haleys Toenails & California dreamin, Moonshine Ik Dominator and today the Wild Perch w/Silver Back lit up strong.  Triple Nipple, Blueberry muffins, Dw Pink Lemonade.  10-16ft down in the water column has been very good 50-80ft Blood Run 32# coppers.  Lots of emerald shiners in the fish and the last couple of days some 3-4in perch also.

Quick 2 man walleye limit this am w/a nice couple along with some white bass that we kept because they wanted to try them.

June 14, 2015

The east winds scattered the fish.  Saturday fishing was tough, in the morning the trout weren't biting and the kings were scattered.  The mid afternoon bite was good and no magic hour bite.  Best for me in the morning was a 10" White w/Crush Spin Doctor down 90ft, 80ft down w/Yeck Mag Bl/Gr Holographic dolphin, 300 copper with Moonshine Mag RV Blue Hulk, 40ft down Moonshine Mace Face.  Walked the bank down 125-135fow, slow bite so we kicked it out to 250fow and nothing happening out there.  Trolled south to 59's and 33's pulled lines and with 4 rods left in the water hit 3 fish.  55's-56's and 33's were good, 59's-00's & 33's-35's were good talking to other fishermen especially late morning and early afternoon.

Saturday afternoon trip started 59's and 33's 95fow no bites till we dropped off to the north 115fow, stayed 115 to the 03's.  Best water was 00.5-01.5, down temp was only .8 degrees warmer but that is where the fish and bait were balled up.  Tin Can Dodger w/Medium size yellow with red dot Spin-n-Glo dragging bottom was very good, Moonshine Yellow Submarine Moonbell with a Green Peanut down only 20 minutes dragging bottom took 2 bites and managed to capture 1.  Late afternoon the Trout slid into 103-107fow.


Tough bite in the morning but we managed to scrape together some nice kings, in the afternoon we didn't hit any kings but were able to put together a nice box of trout.  Some really nice trout are out there including this 15lb trout and we busted off a monster.

June 10, 2015

Ludington--Good winds and the bank is stacked with fish!!  Tons of lakers on the bottom in 80fow and the king bite at magic hour is fantastic.  Starting tomorrow the winds switch to the N and East and that will move the water--again.  The fish shouldn't go far, alot more warm water out there and we should be able to find them.  Hopefully we get some good surface map shots after it blows.

June 9, 2015

Saginaw Bay-Fishing has been very good.  Best fishing is west of the channel, starting a mile west of the spark plug in 19-20fow.  40-60ft Blood Run 32# coppers were best for us today, riggers down 15ft and divers back 28ft.  Best speed for us was 2.3-2.5SOG.  Running spoons I like to run hotter but it wasn't that effective today, fish didn't appear that aggressive.  DW Gator, Wonderbread, Electric Muffin, Pink Lemonade were good.  Moonshine  IK Dominator and JJ Mac w/RV tape.  Spoons w/ UV/RV tape have taken off the water has alot of color to it.  Silver Streak Potato Bug and Parrot.  We also took fish as high as 30ft coppers but not many down deep.  Bug hatch is getting heavy and lots of emerald shiners, fish were full of both.

Nice limit of Walleye and some bonus White Bass they wanted to keep

June 8, 2015

Ludington--Fishing was tougher this weekend!  North and easterly winds spread the water out and fishing was very small pockets.  As long as you kept working the spot you hit fish in you did ok.  Many good catches came in in double digits, mixed bags Kings, Steelhead and Lakers.  Sooons and Spin Doctors and flies were best.  Spoons in Blues or Oranges definitely shined.  Moonshine Blue Hulk and Silver Streak Orange Chilly Willy or Carmel Dolphins on 300 Blood Run Coppers were good.  Yeck Mag Blue Dolphins and Fuzzy Modified Blue Dolphins on divers 60-125ft back worked very well and on riggers.  Yeck Fireballs on 3-5 colors or 60-100 coppers were very good.  My best over several days was a DW 8" Yellow Sparkle Spin Doctor w/Pickeled Sunshine fly 100-125ft back on a high diver.  Other good baits for me were Moonshine Mace face and Blue Flounder on riggers 50-57ft down.  The winds are supposed to be out of the SW to west for several days which should pack the water and set it up again!! 

June 5, 2015

fishing was very good yesterday and good today for the wind conditions--smokin out of the north.  54's -55's, 33's-34's was our best water setting up, as fast as you could put them down and 25 min later nothing.  Trolled west out to the cold water 54's and 39.8, hit a small king, turned into the warm water and took a really nice 2yr old on a 300 copper with Moonshine mag RV Blue Hulk.  Best bites came on High Diver 125ft back 8" Yellow Sparkle w/Pickeled Sunshine Fly, 200 Blood Run Copper w/ reg Moonshine RV Crab Face.  Took fish or my newbies allowed them to escape on Yeck mag Bl/Gr Dolphin 40ft down, Mag Moonshine RV Ryans Flounder @ 50ft, Wire diver back 100ft 10" showtime Spin Doctor and Blue Moo Meat Rig, 100ft down Black Mamba DW Red teaser meat rig w/Glow head.  Hard troll wind was screamin out deep, hind site maybe better to troll 33-34's south to Pentwater instead of out deep???   East troll had to pull trolling bag and kick up the speed to get any speed at the ball.  Kevins Girlfriend w/Gr Mile Meat Rig was very good yesterday on low wires back 160ft.

Had a blast today with new guests aboard the RAPTOR, we managed to lose a few and miss a few, considering the wave and wind conditions and the fact we pulled lines a fewhrs early, fishing wasn't bad.  Gramps had enough by 7:30am.  All fish were naturals, no clips, 1 mature fish and some really nice 2yr olds.


May 29, 2015

Ludington--Fishing was very good today from 00's-04's.  Kings and bait were loaded along the bank and the bite first thing in the morning was very good.  too bad it's going to get wrecked if the wind forecast is correct , possible gale force winds out of the north.  Black and White 10" Crush Spin Doctors with flies were good.  Mag Blue/Green Dolphin was hot 47ft down on a rigger.  Divers were very good 100ft on lows and 200+ ft back on highs with Meat rigs like Kevins Girlfriend.  Coppers were not very good, bite was strong on the riggers and divers.

May 28, 2015

Saginaw Bay--Fishing has slowed down over the last week but is still good.  Best fishing has been East of the Spark plug and 4 miles North East of 1&2.  The hard south blow yesterday pushed fish west of the shipping channel between the cigar and the old shipping channel.  Best rods for us today were 50, 60, 70, 80ft 32# Blood Run Coppers with DW purple w/pink or gr dots and chartruese backs, Moonshine IK Dominator, Silver Streak Tater Bug.  Down riggers 2 ft off the bottom with Moonshine Tangerine Tiger.  Bigger fish were in 19fow and the smaller fish were out deeper mixed with White Bass.  Yeck Califonia dreamin has been very good along with Haleys Toenails.  Surface temp is 64.8 by the Plug and 61.9 out by 1&2.  This should fire up their metabolisms and get the bite smokin again.

May 22, 2015

The north winds didn't wreck the water and the 20+mph Sw winds yesterday really helped to set up the water from Pentwater to the 55's.  The beach is still producing fish and the bank was slow the last couple days, but the surface temp map shows that the temp is improving, check out the map.  Light north winds today veering to the south again for the weekend should continue to improve the water.  Based on our experience last year with cold lake temps and fishing last weekend don't be afraid to work out to the 35's just to the south and work the cold side of the break.  On the surface temp map, if you are not aware or have never looked, at the top of the page is a page for surface currents.  The current map looks really good this am for Ludington.  Good luck and happy Memorial Day, be safe out there!

May 19, 2015

Fished yesterday but went north because of the hard SW winds.  The current on top of the bank was horrendous in 30fow--north troll was 4.7mph and still no speed at the ball, cut west at the Bathhouse and hit a fish in 60 on a Moonshine Mag Ryans Flounder right on the bottom, then 80fow 25 down on a Gr Jeans.  Ran the top of the bank into the 05's water warmed up to 48degrees @ 03.0.  Marking alot of fish into the 04's, on the south troll the fish were gone so headed out to fish a sharp break off the stick 46.1 on warm side and 42.9 on the cold side.  Hit several more fish on the cold side all on a south troll at 1.3sog.  Black Mamba w/ Red Teaser meat rig 110-130ft down went, Green Jeans on a 150ft and Red Jeans on a 200 Blood Run Copper.  Bite seemed to be at first light then picked up again after 9:30.  The wind is from the north today but don't think it's hard enough to slow down the current and our shore should continue to set-up.  Nice to see a sharp defined break loaded with birds.  All fish were filled w/ bait and no fin clips all natural fish.


May 17, 2015

Fishing has been tough the last 2 days.  Rarely do I give my opinion over what happened but in this case I will.  "We are in between early spring water and what is traditional spring Ludington water!"  We have had alot of easterly winds which keeps wiping out our water and making it tough to decide where to fish and how fishing is.   Fishing has been overall very good so far but we are in transition. It's still early!!  Fishing is what I would consider fair, this weekend!!  I wish I had pic's but I forgot to turn off my camera and burned up the batteries.  Fished 60-90fow from the 44's south of Pentwater north to the 55's today.  Marked quite a few fish in pockets all the way north on a north troll.  Hit a few Kings 1 we landed, 1 Brown, 1 Steelhead, 2 lakers.  In hind site running 60-70fow we could have cleaned up on lakers running Trash Can Dodgers and Yellow w/red dot Spin and Glows(medium size spin and glows).  Best baits were the dodgers and a 300 copper with a new Moonshine Red Jeans Mag.  The water is moving w/alot of current coming around Little Point and working north.  Marked a quite a few fish just south of Ludington in the 53's and 54's but as we worked out the water warmed up---the water is mixed up and moving!!!  This SW wind we have now should move and pack the water and give us a choice between the beach and off shore.  Yesterday from the point north--160fow and deeper was very good for kings on meat rigs 150ft down on riggers and 220+ on wire divers!!  as soon as the sun came up today the bite was over!!  Our fish were puking up bait behind the boat and we had the same results, as soon as the sun came up the bite was over.  Fish were not moving thru the graph but just sitting there.  I was encouraged by what I saw and you have 2 choices to put your boat on a troll or work a narrow band of water.  Wish I had more specifics to tell you but--that's fishin!!  Water temps 45.6 in 60fow down off Juniper Beach in 60fow to 47.3 in 100fow in the 55's.  Pick a spot and go fishing!!


May 9, 2015

Fishing remains good.  South of the Project has been pretty steady fishing on the beach.  After the south blow this week, we decided to go north.  Started on the beach at Sargent Sands in 10ft and finally hit a fish just south of Big Sable, nice king on a Bass Pro XPS Stick Bait(4 bites on it today)---had to chase it after clearing rods and ended up in 40ft, got the boat going again and hit 2 more kings 1-broke off and the other escaped at the boat  Changed over to riggers and coppers.   60ft copper w/Fireball and Gold/Beetle was good.  2 color with a Silver Streak Mini Froggie went several times.  Moonshine Crab Face and new Steelie Ranger on riggers at 16ft.  Best water was 28-32ft from 00.4-to big Sable.  Wanted to go to the Point but water was gnarly with the north wind.  Trolled back to within a mile of the Pier head and pulled a double pulling lines and that pocket off the city beach was stacked outside of 30fow.  

Some of the big Kings captured aboard Raptor this am.  Had a blast whackin big Spring Kings.

May 2nd

Fishing the beach for Browns remains to be very good for all species.  The best water after the almost 2 weeks of north winds has been around the Project.  Lincoln River to the Point has been slow but fishing it this morning alot of bait showing up and the current was flowing north bringing the stained river water with it.  We caught fish from 6ft out to 40fow.  Mix of Rapalas and spoons from flatlines to 3 color or 60 coppers.  Yeck Fireball on 3 colors has been hot, super mag Yeager Bomb, and sz44 Sweet corn on divers.  Super Slims in Mixed Veggie, Orange Christmas Tree, Moonshine Orange Tiger in half moons and Walleye spoons on weighted birds and 1,2,3 colors. 

April 17, 2015

Fishing was good today.  Spoons were best early, Bush Bean flat lined went, Diver back 12ft w/Yeck 44 sweet corn was very good and Super Slim Mixed Veggie.  CD-9, F-11 and F-13 Rapala in Black and Gold w/Green Spots best sticks but also bit on CD-9 and F-11 Fire Tiger and Blue and Silver went.  10-11fow was best but snuck out to 37ft pulling lines and hit fish out there.  42.1-44.1 degrees on the beach, 2.8 was our best speed.

Nice Brown and Laker caught aboard the RAPTOR on a shake down cruise--boat works and still catches fish.





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