Fishing Report

May 2nd

Fishing the beach for Browns remains to be very good for all species.  The best water after the almost 2 weeks of north winds has been around the Project.  Lincoln River to the Point has been slow but fishing it this morning alot of bait showing up and the current was flowing north bringing the stained river water with it.  We caught fish from 6ft out to 40fow.  Mix of Rapalas and spoons from flatlines to 3 color or 60 coppers.  Yeck Fireball on 3 colors has been hot, super mag Yeager Bomb, and sz44 Sweet corn on divers.  Super Slims in Mixed Veggie, Orange Christmas Tree, Moonshine Orange Tiger in half moons and Walleye spoons on weighted birds and 1,2,3 colors. 

April 17, 2015

Fishing was good today.  Spoons were best early, Bush Bean flat lined went, Diver back 12ft w/Yeck 44 sweet corn was very good and Super Slim Mixed Veggie.  CD-9, F-11 and F-13 Rapala in Black and Gold w/Green Spots best sticks but also bit on CD-9 and F-11 Fire Tiger and Blue and Silver went.  10-11fow was best but snuck out to 37ft pulling lines and hit fish out there.  42.1-44.1 degrees on the beach, 2.8 was our best speed.

Nice Brown and Laker caught aboard the RAPTOR on a shake down cruise--boat works and still catches fish.

April 16, 2015

Ludington--Fishing this week was very good along the beach for Browns and Lakers, some drop back steelhead are being caught and an occasional King.  Stick baits and spoons have been doing the damage off of boards, riggers and divers.  Captain Chucks has some special painted Rapalas that have been very good the last couple yrs, Mixed Veggie, Frosted Veggie, Black and Gold w/Green Spots among others in floaters and count down.  The east wind the last 48hrs isn't doing the beach water any good cleaning it up and cooling it down--that's spring for ya!  Fishing will pick up again after some more west winds.

Saginaw Bay--In a nut shell is on fire.  19-22ft out of Linwood has been fantastic, off the island jigging has been very good also.  Trolling Husky Jerks, Smithwicks etc has been very good and big fish.  Alot of spawned out fish in 6-7lb range are being taken.

Polecat had a good day w/ a mixed bag of spring browns and lakers even after 24hrs of east winds, good job

March 31, 2015

Brown and Coho fishing is picking up around the lake.  Good size coho 3-4lbs being caught off Gary Ind., and Chicago and coho all the north to South Haven but these are small.  Browns out of luington are being caught mainly in the harbor where the water is warmer.  some ice still out in the lake and some ports are worse than others.  The water is cold and with the ice caution needs to be taken venturing out in the lake---be safe!

Finally a L Michigan wide derby is going on July 11-19th, which coincides nicely with the Ludington tournament.  2 Ports in Michigan St Joe and Ludington Capt Chucks are weigh in ports 5 in Wisconsin.  Offshore and On-shore divisions.  Check out

March 16, 2015

Warmer temps, ice is breaking up so we are just a few short weeks from launch and guppy gettin times!!!  Waxed one baot today, 2 more to go and were fishin!!  Lake Mi still has alot of floating ice but it has been melting quickly.  Should be Coho fishing in southern L Mi very soon and ice out in Ludington guys will be after browns which should be another good season with the increase in planted fish.

This weekend is the Grand Rapids show.  I will be there on Fri in the Blood Run Tackle booth.  They have a new 20# walleye copper that because of it's diameter it has almost the same sink rate as the 32# copper.  But fishing the shallower water generally for walleye this makes a perfect set-up especially with the smaller dia. to put on the smaller reels guys generally use for eye's.

Feb 3, 2015

Another year and it's time to start thinking about getting your tackle ready.  Outdoor Shows are starting, in fact Bass Pro spring Classic is the next 2 weekends and I will be there.  

What do we have to look forward to this year.  Last years salmon fishing was very tough after the Ludington Offshore tournament because of 3 north winds that blew our warm water away and then we had virtually no wind until September.  April until the tournament fishing was phenomenal, then Sept and Oct fishing was good again after south winds blew good water and bait back again.  I think there will be good solid fishing this year but we need good winds that stack thermals and bait to make it consistent through the summer.

Saginaw Bay--Not much to say here except that fishing was absolutely phenomenal last year and has been very good this winter and is expected to stay very very good this summer.  In fact there is some talk by the Mi DNR of changing the size limit or creel limit or both to take more fish out of the system to allow perch to rebound.






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