Fishing Report


Aug 29, 2014

Fishing remains fair.  Straight out 56's to 58's 100fow still the most consistent.  Mostly kings now but occasional coho and steelhead.  Meat and Plugs most consistent, j-Plug style Plugs are going better now in green.  10" Black crush and white Crush with Moo Moo Meat rigs.  Lows back 100-120ft and Highs back 170ft. 

ENCORE had a good morning w/a nice mixed bag straight out.  Good job Micah

Aug 26, 2014

Fishing has been spotty.  Some people hit them good and others are struggling.  The little N wind today is already peeling the water and cooling it down mostly to the north along the bank and a tad straight out and south.  Bait and fish are showing up really heavy off the Point and in the 56's and 57's 34's and out.  This morning, the 36 line for me, was good for Steelhead and Coho and heard that others hit them out to the 4000 line.  This morning I could not buy a meat bite, it was all spoons 200 coppers and up.  Super slim Starbust was our best on 3 colors and 100 coppers.  200 Coppers with Yeck copper Hammbones were good and Moonshine Tangerine Tarzan.  Yeck 44sz Orange Lazer 90ft back on a high diver w/o ring set at 3.5 was good.  Green Jeans with a Green Short Stacked took several shots this am and pm w/main down 60ft.  Best this afternoon for me were high divers with Kevins Girlfriend and Gr Mile Meat rigs on High Divers back 160-170ft, strange that it would go from spoons to meat in a couple of hours.  Heard from other boats that Showtime on low wires 110ft back were doing well, my best was a Black Crush w/Moo Moo on low wire back 100ft.  The current is starting to change and the hard part is getting a good troll and speed whether you are fishing north or south.  Different angles are having a dramatic speed change at the ball so it was very hard to pin point a speed.

Aug 23, 2014

Coho are back, they are just in the south water.  The little bit of east wind is sucking some colder water back in 32.5 line and out.  Had a nice short afternoon run today w/Kings, Coho, Steelhead and one Pink.  Spoons were hot!!  100-200 coppers and riggers main line and sliders 60ft and up.  Best spoons for me all reg size Moonshine Yellow submarine, Moonshine, Happy Meal, Glow Bloody Nose, Raspberry Carbon, Gr Jeans; Yeck Jerid and Super slim Starburst on 100's and 3 colors were good.  DW 10" Spin Doc Life is Good w/Yellow Gasoline 105ft down does was very good.  10" Black Spin Doc 100ft back on a low wire has been good, other guys did well on Showtime.  Fish are from the 58's to Little Point best is 130fow to 170fow.  Speed has been hot on East West trolls.  Best for me this afternoon was 2.9Sog west troll and 3.3SOG on an East.  300 Coppers with Kevins Girlfriend and Net Minder w/Gr Mile Meat rigs have been Good.  Ladderback MOP Ace Hi's on 200's have finally taken off well. 

Aug 22, 2014

Fish seem to be on a weird feeding schedule, one morning fishing is good and the next the fishing is tough, same for the afternoons.  The big batch of coho we had have pushed north past Manistee heading for Platt Bay, we are still catching some but not as many.  Kings are in great condition for this time of the year due to the cold water, meat is still very bright and have had only a couple that have started to change color.  The water is really starting to warm up which helps the eggs mature and that warm water darkens them up fast.  Because of the boat traffic up by Big Point many boats pointed south and have been catching fish just as well as off the bank.  Plugs and Meat rigs have been best.  The DW Captains Choice Cut Plugs in Dbl Glow and Michigan Shiner on 100 & 150 coppers have been best for me and deep on a rigger down 80-100ft.  They are also going well on high divers first thing in the mornings.  Spin Doc 8" Blue Sparkle and Cold Steel Meat rig 140ft back was good on a high diver last night and a Blue w/Crush and Blue Moo was good on a low diver.  80ft lead with a Yellow Haze and DW Yellow Gasoline meat rig and then Black Mamba w/DW Red Teaser rig was good 65ft down.  Fished 90fow last night and the fish were coming up high top 30fow, fishing off the bank guys were taking most of their fish 80-100 down on riggers and 300ft coppers in 120-130fow.  SOG has been very slow, going north with a south to north current SOG was around 2.7 and on a south troll best was 1.6mph---like walking on a treadmill, took forever to get anywhere!

This crew managed to capture some guppies abord the RAPTOR despite crazy fish taking off under and over our coppers and quite often getting tangled up.  Didn't lose any tackle but some managed to pull off.  Good job Wes, he must have buzzed in 15 lines to keep the fish out of them and it kept us busy resetting!!

Aug 19, 2014

A little south wind and fish and bait are showing up along our coast, and not just the big kings, and we have more S wind forecasted for this week, about time after months and months of north!!!.  Younger yr class of kings, steelhead, coho and trout.  Fishing is good from the project to Little Point and the Bank.  Last night the warm water was pushing south from the 04's and in an hr it was south of the stick.  We hit fish from 58fow in front of the Bath House to 139fow off the Stick.  Plugs, Meat and Spoons were getting licked.  A very hard troll to get going, very slow is what the fish wanted which made it hard to troll on a south into the wind, waves and current.  Best for me was a south troll @ 1.5SOG and 1.25-1.5@ the ball.  Divers were hardly bent at all.  Spin Doc 8" White w/Pink Slick and Mirage Meat rig 100ft back took several shots.  DW Dbl Glow and Michigan Shiner cut plugs on 3 color 150ft copper and 5ft off the bottom on a rigger took some nice fish.  Moonshine Mag RV Dancing Anchovy @ 40ft took some shots and a Mag Bl/Gr Yeck Dolphin on a 100 copper.

Too bad we had a storm coming in and had to quit early.  Fish were silver and spunky for this late in August.  Some South wind and rain water washing out of the rivers should get some stain and food for the bait in the lake and hopefully fire things up more.

Aug 18, 2014

Fishing is improving.  Most of the fishing both North on top of the bank and south from the 50 line to Little Point is in 80ft of water or less.  #2 and #3 plugs J-Plugs and silver Hordes and DW Cut plugs and Ace Hi plugs have been best on 1,2,3 color cores; 50-150 coppers, High Divers and riggers have been best in Dble Glow w&w/o Ladder backs, DW Michigan Shiner has been very good.  Stacking Green Moonshine Gr Jeans and Blue Jeans or Blue carbon has been good on riggers.  Day to day the water is still changing drastically and the fish are in pockets which makes it a challenge to be consistent but some tremendous catches have started coming in the last 2 days.  Meat rigs are still going well, Kevins Girlfriend w/Gr Mile, Showtime w/Blue Moo, Black crush w/Moo Moo

Hattrick had a great morning whacking some really nice fish.  Good Job Jon

Aug 14, 2014

Well the current kept on pushing and the cold water moved in.  Yesterday afternoon north of the stick the bite was good then the cold water moved in, 39deg down 30ft and the bite quit.  This am the same water was 0-2 fish and everybody pushing out to the warmer water on a West troll w/o much luck.  Manistee same problem, cold water, 58deg on top and ready to make ice cubes down below.  We are going to have to go searching.  Lotsa guppies in the lake---we were pounding on them through July but for the 2nd year in a row the wind patterns are killing us.  Pier Head, PM Lake and small pockets of water are holding some fish but the north wind keeps moving those pockets and they are hard to stay with. There are some decent breaks and hopefully they tighten up and concentrate to stack fish up.  really hate to put reports out like this but just trying to honest.

Aug 12, 2014

The N blow did not wreck the water as bad as we thought it would.  Bait and fish in skinny north of the Point and from the Peir South.  Plugs, Meat and Spoons are all working today.  High running baits were good.  DW Pinky Plug on a 1 color for example was very good this am.  Moonshine dancing Anchovy 20ft down was good for another boat.  Have to capitalize on the bites to have a great catch and not miss many, after the blow w/high pressure and flat water the bite was early and then it was a pick.

Hattrick pulled some nice fish in front of the Peir head first thing then worked south and out and pulled some more.  Big Tunas coming in today, normal year we start to see smaller mature fish on ave coming in at this time of the year but we are still waiting on the big onslaught!!

Aug 10, 2014

Fishing has toughened up the last three days, today became very tough for most.  There is very little water movement, the flat water is great to fish and very comfortable but makes for tough conditions after a few days let alone 3 solid weeks of no wind but that is about to change with the north blow forecast starting tonight.  Will this hurt us or help us??  At least it will set-up some breaks and some moving water again, my position is it can't hurt.  May take 2 days to find the best edges to fish but at least it will get the fish active again!!  The bank, both north and south of the Point was loaded once again w/ fish and bait first thing and 20min after daylight they both were gone???  Best water was 02.5-04.0, 160fow and then working out as the morning progressed.  10" Black Crush Spin doc w/Moo Moo meat rig 80ft down on a rigger was very good, and an 8' Black crush w/Moo Moo meat rig was very good also on a low wire back 95ft.  Coho were the catch of the day for most boats.  plugs were pretty good the last 2 days.  Small plugs have been good but today Moonshine Crab Face and Happy meal on 3 colors 100-150 coppers were good until mid morning.  New this year Moonshine Dandee Randee was good on a fixed slider and the main line at 50ft and a free slider yeck Copper Jerid w/main at 45 ft.  Low wire back 85ft w/Glow Mtn dew 8" Spin doc and Cold Steel Meat Rig was good for several bites today and yesterday.

Aug 9, 2014

Fishing has been fair.  The full moon has not helped out at all, unless you were out after midnight last night to 5:30am it was a whack fest.  Last night the bank north and south of the Point was loaded with fish, this morning few and far between.  Off in 170fow was very good until the boat traffic pushed them out deeper.  From the 02's to the 07's the 33's to 37's were good the last several days with Steelhead, coho, Lakers and Kings .  Glow Mtn Dew with a Cold steel meat rig back 65ft on a low wire has been good the last 2 days for me, NBK Chrome Mtn Dew 8 & 10" has been very good for a buddy.  Life is Good 10" w/UV Gasoline on High divers 110-160ft back, 200& 300 coppers were great for me this am.  Silver Horde Dbl Glow on 100 coppers did well.  DW Yellow Splatter Back plugs have been going well.

Aug 7, 2014

Fish are being caught N&S of the Peir Heads.  Project and south 65-100fow.  The Pond is picking up pace.  The bank was a desert this morn but bait and fish moved up on it later in the am and the bite took off.  NW of the stick 200-300fow and the 00's to the 03's in the 35's to the 37's held Steelhead, Kings and the coho have moved back in.  A better spoon bite happened today and the rigger bite was better also.  We had bites on Super Slim Riverside, 44sz Yeck Tangerine, Moonshine reg sz Silver Crush, Ratchet Jaw and Mace Face.  Yeck Copper Jerid sliders and Lightenings were going also.  Blue Bubble, UV Old Blue w/Lions Den and Life is Good w/UV Gasoline Meat Rigs on high divers were ok but 200-300 coppers were good.  Not much different in the temps, surface and down temp have been steady with it being so calm, alot of fish around but they are very spread out because no thermal layer and so much cold water.

Aug 6, 2014

Fish are being caught in the Pond.  They are not up there in big numbers but the ones that are there are biting well.  59's to the 07's fish are being captured along the bank, the morning consists of a brief flurry that you need to capitalize on quickly, then push off to deeper water and work that over.  The break is shallow 40ft down and with the N-NE winds through Monday it won't get any warmer.  Meat, Meat and More Meat is the ticket!!  Spin Doctors 10" Life is good w/UV Gasoline Strong Meat Rigs, UV Old Blue w/Strong UV Bl Gasoline Meatrigs in 8&10" Kevins Girl Friend w/ Gr Mile have been solid producers on 100-300 coppers and high and low divers.  Diver program 120ft on highs and 60-80ft on lows for the most part and then a little farther back as the morning progresses.  Blue Crush or Black Crush w/Blue Moo or and Moo Moo meat rigs 85-110ft down on riggers are producing.  Blue Bubble and Lions Pride on High and Low divers were good for me the last 2 days also.  Small plugs are taking fish Chrome Red Head #3 on 100 coppers.  Steelhead are around and we had some takers on 2 colors w/Yeck 44 sz Tangerine and Copper Jerid Sliders.  Mag Moonshine RV Sand Burr took some bites in the dark today50 down on a rigger.  Most eggs are still tight in the fish but are getting bigger and the Milt is starting to ripen a little but fish are still chrome bright, occasionally one comes in with a little color to them usually the males.

Aug 4, 2014

Fishing is pretty good 5-10 fish is common but they are big fish, many pushing 20+lbs and catches would be much better if they wouldn't pull back so hard and escape.  Very strong currents to the north and getting the right speed is critical, I can't say what the right speed is because as you pass through different water the speed is constantly changing.  Watch your divers if you don't have a probe and as the bend changes adjust your speed accordingly.  Fish are in pockets along the bank 100-120fow and from the 04's-07's 90-120fow.  after the morning bite, taking a west out to 250fow and working N-S was pretty good.  Water is cold at 40-50ft and most fish are coming high, 2, 3 color cores, 100-300 coppers, high divers 90-120ft back, low wires 60-100ft back.  Meat and more meat on riggers, divers and coppers.  Blue Bubble w/Lions Pride also on, UV Old Blue, and Blue killer were good in 8 and 10" sizes.  Blue w/Crush and Blue Teasers 80-100 down were taking fish.  Black w/Crush and Moo Moo meat rigs were very good early.  Life is Good 10" spin Doctor on a high diver was very good.  To the south 54's-50's 65-100fow was good also this morning.  Spoons up high are taking Kings and Steelhead, a 2 color with 44 Yeck Tangerine and Silver Streak orange Chilly willy on a 3 color was good.

Sorry no pics--somebody walked off w/my camera while I was cleaning fish!!

Aug 2nd

Fishing is pretty good.  55's-56's and 35's to 38's steady fishing.  Turn and burn, lotsa speed, flat lines to 100 coppers.  Further south 51's 34's-35's 200-300 coppers & high divers back 150-160ft with meat was good.  I fished the 55's to 57.0 35's to 42's, 2.7-3.4SOG.  Never hit a fish outside(west) the 39.3 line.  Flat lines to 2 colors were very hot with Yeck Bush Bean and 44 size Tangerine.  100 coppers were getting bit, Fireballs, Crazy sweet Corn and Super Slim Riversides.  At the end of the evening big Kings started to fire.  we marked them down deep but couldn't get them going until the end, but the steelhead were biting well.  Yeck Copper Jerid on a slider with the main line at 50ft was good on a rigger, the only rigger I could get going.  The water is still messed up but a touch more stable out deep and fish are scattered, cover ground fast and put your best @#$% in the water, watch your surface temp and down temp, the edges were best.  We have been having a lot of fog and we have been lucky not to have some accidents.  If you do not have radar you should try to avoid fishing, safety first!!!  I have not said anything until now but I have radar and getting yelled at by boats w/o radar that have no idea what is around them is frustrating.  Be patient and think safety first.  mornings have been clear until the sun comes up and then the fog sets in, this evening the fog set in hard after a clear afternoon and just asking everyone to be safe!!!

Aug 1st

Wow--what a change--severe currents--water moved and fish went away!!  Several ports had the the same prob today to the south of us and Manistee also.   Has happened every year, be patient they'll be back.  Wish I could bepositive but honesty is the plan!!


July 31, 2014

Despite the BLOW and ice water, fishing remains very good.  Has been spot on the spot fishing in colder pockets of water down at the ball.  From 02's to the 07's 90-170fow.  50-200 coppers with spoons and 100-300 coppers with meat rigs have been good.  With the cold water the fish are strong, pull back hard and some manage to escape!!  Spoons up high in steelhead colors---Moonshine Agent orange, Super Slim Reverse Riverside, Yeck Hammbone and fireball, Silver Streak Orange Chilly Willy and Jerry Lee have been very good for Kings, Steelies and Trout.  Moonshine Gr Jeans, Hulk, RV Blue Flounder have been good on riggers and coppers.  Divers have been on fire along with 100-200 coppers with Meat Rigs.  Yellow Sparkle w/Strong Yellow Gasoline, Blue Killer, UV Old Blue w/Strong UV Gasoline; Life is Good w/Life is Good Strong Meat Rigs have been very, very good, 100-150back on highs and 80-120back on low divers.  Blue sparkle w/Cold steel, Green sparkle w/Kryptonite have been but very good also w/gasoline rigs also.  Fish really seem to going for the UV Strong rigs right now, I have tried to force feed them on ole stand bys but the bite ratio has been much better on the UV and Mirage teaser rigs!!! .  10" Blue Crush down a 100ft on a rigger has been taking fish.   

Fishin is good.  Some 20+lb Kings are being brought in every day.  Dad and son yesterday morning with a good haul and this morning the KID w/a nice male Brown that bit a 200 copper w/UV OLE Blue Spin Doctor and Meat rig, mom's going to wonder why dad never changed his clothes??  Last night high divers and Meat and 50-100 coppers with spoons did the damage and also many escapees.

July 27, 2014

Big North Blow, water cooled down from the Point South from 61deg to 41deg already and she is still blowing.  This had to occur just as the water was setting up.  Fishing was good just south of Ludington in 55-75ft yesterday.  The Bank held quite a few fish and some bait but it was a tough bite in the warm water.  I had 58deg down 60ft and the fish were not that aggressive.  At 03.8 the water cooled down at the ball 48deg and the fishing was a little better and then at 05.0 the down temp cooled off again, 46-43deg.  Best fishing was from 03.8 to 06.0 in 95fow or 200-250ft.  The bigger fish were offshore out in the deeper water, all the way out to 400fow.  Moonshine Mace face, Moonshine, Silver crush,Razor Burn, Blue Flounder, Blue jeans, Dancing Anchovy and Blue Jackal were good on riggers, and 100-300 coppers.  My best on 100 coppers the last couple of days has been RV Agent Orange and double Orange Crush Super Slims.  Sliders have been good if not better than main line baits, Moonshine Moonshine and Hulk and Yeck Juicy Fruit.  Meat rigs have been good especially off of divers like DW Yellow Sparkle "--I have been running cold steel meat rig off of that the last couple of yrs and it has been good and that really slowed down, replaced it with a Strong Yellow Gasoline meat Rig and that has been hot 100ft back to start the am and then 150ft back when it slows down.  Blue Sparkle 8" with Cold Steel meat rig on a low wire 80ft back to start then 120ft back later in the am has been very good and then on cloudy or foggy days like yesterday a UV/UV 8" w/a Mirage or UV Strong meat Rig has been very good on a high diver, Green Mile, or Blue Bubble w/ Lions Pride or Blue Moo has been good also.  Most consistant down 100+ft on a rigger for me has been a Black Mamba w/Strong Red mamba meat rig.   Plugs are starting to fire especially in the skinny water like Dw Pinky and #3 J-Plugs and #4 Silver hordes

Dad w/his 2 kids and a couple 20+lb Kings caught on Yellow Sparkle and Blue Sparkle spinnies and meatrigs off of divers.  Check out the Waters Edge Fish Artistry Banner add at the top of the page for a phenomenal Taxidermist fish mount---Dad is the artist!!  He does fantastic work, you can come to Rays marina to see the mount he did for me if you are interested in getting a mount as an example of his work.

July 26, 2014

Water is really moving!!  Yesterday am & pm Pentwaters bank was very good and today that water and those fish were gone!!  Ran south over the cold water in front of the Project and that is where a very good bite was in 65-75fow w/a nice mix of fish as we trolled back north and pulled lines we hit the colder pocket and they were biting.  This water was pushing quickly north and being replaced by warme water.  The offshore fishery has diminished somewhat.   From the 02's to the 06's big Kings were poppin well.  My other boat ENCORE went right and had a beautiful box.  Same troll as yesterday, he set-up 120fow and took it north into 250-300fow.  Normal for this year, just as the water is setting up we have a big north blow Sunday night thru Monday to change things again.

July 25, 2014

Water a little mixed up.  Cold off the bank this am., warmer in the 05's to the 10's, 200-300fow was fairly good.  Some big Kings are being caught with a mix of Lake Trout and Coho's thrown in for good measure.  Moonshine Mace face, dancing anchovy, Moonshine/Moonshine stacked were good.  High divers back 120. low wires 100-120ft back.  Blue Bubble Spin Doc and Pickeled sunshine fly or Strong Lions Den Meat rig were good.  Kevins Girlfriend Spin Doc on a low wire has been going well with a Green Strong teaser rig.  Lotsa blues today in the warmer water, offshore in the cold water gold/Orange spoons still going strong.

July 24, 2014

Finally after a 2 day blow from the South and then the North people able to get out fishing today.  Water was all stirred and not set-up.  straight out in the 35's on the edge of the cold break was fairly good fishing.  North of the Point in 200fow had some good fishing.  50-60fow just to the south held some big Kings early for a quick bite and then it was over.  Flat lines to 100+ft down fish were taken on spoons and Meat Rigs.  Just like last week after the north blow fishing was tough the next day and the water needed a day to settle out, hopefully that is all it will take this time also.

July 19, 2014

Fished in the afternoon and the water was messed up to start out.  The only cold water on the surface was 58.3deg in the 38's, and the farther out you went it warmed back to 61deg in the 4000's.  Turned back to the 38's and fishing was very good.  Much slower speed then I had been fishing was best.  3.1SOG on a west and 2.6SOG on an east troll.  The really significant change was the bait and and depth selection, limited on rods w/2 customers.  Loaded up to fish 20ft and up, like we have been fishing but put a 300copper/Polish Downrigger out with a DW 8" Yellow Sparkle Spin Doc and Strong Cold Steel Meat Rig and it went right away with a nice King, then the 65ft rigger with a Krystal Killer Flasher and Meat Rig went.  So we put out a 200 copper w/mag Moonshine Honey Pot and that was steady especially on Steelhead, Mag Orange Flounder down 40ft on a rigger was very good along with the Yeck Juicy Fruit free slid. 3 color with a Yeck 44 Gold UV Orange Beetle on a 3 color was the only consistant high line going.  All the fish were packed!!!! w/bait.  Pulled out at least a 100 alewives out of the 12 fish captured all mag sized alewives.  Did not see any bait on the graph bot they must be out there.  The bank fishing has been hit or miss, with the tournament and 6:00am start they are missing the bite, afternoons sound like it has been better and plugs are starting to fire pretty good now.  Wanted to try a plug on a 200 copper but we were plenty busy and never had a chance to get one out in the deep water.

Father and son team managed to capture 4 species of Guppies aboard the RAPTOR.  Dad prolonged the trip as long as possible by losing the first 10 fish he fought, then managed to go 5 for 5.  Captain managed to get a couple Lakers to eat pulling lines to put on the grill w/apple wood chips!!

July 18, 2014

Water starting to set up offshore very well again.  Best is to the south from the 50 line to south of Little Point.  I stayed 48's-49's on the 41.5 in 57-58 degree water.  We caught fish in the colder water to 53.5deg but we had the speed dialed in 3.1SOG on a south troll and 3.8-4.0SOG on a north along a strong current line from 15ft down to 30ft down which showed up very well on the graph.  Best rods were a rigger with a Orange Flounder at 40ft free slid with a Yeck Juicy Fruit, rigger 35-70ft down w/Moonshine Honey Pot and Moonshine 1/2 Moon Orange Tiger free slid and a 2 color with a Yeck 44 Tangerine which I put a strip of orange crush tape along the back edge (inside of scoop) of the spoon.  Free Birds to 3 colors were very good and then 300 coppers, not much in between except on the riggers.  Diver back 75ft with an Orange laser then later a Copper Jerid was good.  300 coppers with a DW 8" Yellow sparkle w/Cold Steel meat rig even at 3.8SOG was good.  Missed a bunch of bites on free sliders because alot of coho are showing up now.  Main lines on the riggers have been good with long leads and mid morning they quit on us but the sliders were going so we sucked the main line spoons in to 6ft off the ball and started getting bites.  Krystal Killer flasher and Meat Rig down a 100ft took fish late in the morning.  200 copper with 8" Pink Slick and Mirage Meat rig was good.

Ladies Tournament team had a blast whacking fish yesterday aboard the RAPTOR.  I screwed by not fishing for big Kings until the last 1/2hr that we fished because they were having so much fun pounding on big steelhead---and many managed to escape them!!!

July 16, 2014

The north wind messed up the water pretty bad yesterday, lots of cold water out there.  Later in the morning today  w/a west wind the water was rushing back and starting to set up out deep again in the 4000's.  Small spoons have been best like Yeck 44's especially in gold blanks---Bush beans, Orange Beetle, Lady Bug, Orange Laser w/white back, Crazy Sweet Corn.  Moonshine 1/2 moon Tangerine Tiger, Silver Streak SOG Froggy, Mixed Veggie Double Dutch in Mini Streaks and Stinger UV Mixed Veggie.  Moonshine Orange Flounder 40 down on a rigger has been consistent and free sliders on riggers have been good.  High Divers set at 3 1/2 w/o ring 50-100ft back have been steady.  Flat Lines, 2,3 color and 100 coppers have been the bread and butter.  Speeds up to 4 mph SOG has been the ticket.  Some wicked currents out there on some days so playing with your angles and troll direction can make a big difference.  The Point took some fish early today but then shut down.  Some boats marked alot of bait and fish as skinny as 15ft but couldn't get them going.  Plugs are starting to kick off lately fishing for big Kings on 100-200 coppers but they are not here yet in big numbers, but are scattered.  22lb king was big fish caught in the Ruboy Tourn. today congrats Brandywine!!

July 12, 2014

Fishing remains to be very good.  The wind did push the break in a little.  In fact straight out of the harbor cold water was only 3 miles off shore.  The really cold water still remains 12-14 miles off shore though, 43-45degrees.  My best fishing was on the warmer side of that break in 47.8-48.8deg.  From the 51's-55's 40.00's-41.7 line was very good on a north troll.  Other boats were putting it together on a south west troll but I could not find the speed.  For me a 30deg heading N at 2.8-2.9sog was a very steady bite.  Kings, Steelies, Lakers, and now the Coho showed up to add to the mixed bag.  Flat lines to 100 coppers were good.  But the best rod was a flat line w/ Yeck Bush Bean in size 44, it is a Gold Spoon w/a strip of Orange crush tape and has been consistent, wish I had 10 today instead of one.  Super Slim Riverside and Reverse riversides were good on 2 and 3 colors and a Yeck Perch on a 100 copper and free slider went well early in the am.  Moonshine Mace Face was good producer at 50ft down on a rigger and other rigger bites were all free sliders, Wrecking Ball, Juicy fruit  and Rverse Riversides.  The bank had some very good action and I imagine Sunday will be hot after all the south wind again.  59.0-02.5 110-120fow was good.  Looking at the forecast, the tournament should test everyones skills to win, capturing numbers of fish isn't an issue getting the big Kings might be, could be a big trout and Steelhead tourney, seen that before.  Calling for a blow out of the NW for 3 days, hopefully there is enough west to continue to pack the water and push the water tight.  Maybe an ice fishing tourney, bring your doodle rods??

2 man 4 species limit of fish.  Too bad we missed the bunch that escaped, big steelies pulling back hard and jumping---told them to man up and grind---guess it was too much for them.  Have to dress warm offshore in that cold water.  is it really July??

July 11, 2014

Fishing remains good but the best fishing is 42's to 48's West and 49's South to 06's North.  Long ways out there, a couple of calm days wrecked the water causing it to spread out and the fish pushed out.  A strong SW wind should?? fix this problem.  We are having a good south blow this afternoon and we will have to see what changes this brings.  All of our fish today had bait in them for a change, mag size alewives but small spoons are still working better off shore on flat lines, to 100 coppers.  Have taken a few fish the last couple of days on 200 coppers w/ Moosnhine Honey Pot and a Orange Flounder has been consistent in the same zone on a rigger.  300 Blood Run copper w/a Polish Downrigger set-up has been taking some bites every day w/Green/Crush 8" Spin Doctor.  A rigger 80-110ft down with a Black 11" Paddle and Pickeled sunshine fly, taking bites everyday and meat down deep is taking fish even though the break is 35-40ft down.  High diver w/8" Blue Bubble and Pickeled Sunshine Fly has been consistent.  A friend has been doing well all year with a Mtn Dew and Blue Fairways fly on his highs.  Fish have been caught the last couple of days in 80fow straight out and 80fow to the south, generally a mix bag of Kings and Trout.

July 9, 2014

Went south, after 2 days of North winds and strong currents to the north felt uncomfortable turning north.  Steelies, Lakers and Kings made up the catch.  Flat lines, 2,3 colors and 100 coppers were the bulk of the bites.  High divers w/Blue bubble and Pickeled sunshine fly 125ft back was good.  High diver w/Yeck Copper Head at 3 setting w/o ring 127ft, w/ring 85ft back was good.  Flat lines with Goldilocks and Moonshine Fire Ice.  2,3 color and 100 coppers with Super Slim Reverse Riverside, Starburst, and Yeck Copper Sportsmen, Jerids took fish.  40ft down on rigger w/Moonshine Orange Flounder was good.  100ft down with DW 11" Black Paddles or Moonshine Mongollian beef hit some big Kings early but couldn't get them going consistent later on.  34.5W line was best for me at 2.9-3.1SOG from the low 54's to the 52.3line.  Another good break 38.5-4000 line and some nice fish taken out there.

RAPTOR and ENCORE on a 2 boat jaunt w/ a nice mixed bag of Steelies, Trout and Kings.  Lakers and Venison over charcoal w/ apple wood chips were awesome for lunch, kuddos to the crew for donating fillets to hungry captains!!!






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